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October 27, 2008

Weekend Adventures

Hi everyone. Another weekend has gone by. Keith didn't have to work on Saturday so we took a trip to the Squam Lake Science Center to see some wild NH animals. We saw skunks, a bobcat, a mountain lion, deer, two otter, one bear, and some birds like bald eagles etc. We dropped in to see Karen while we were in the area, and got to see the turkeys her and Carl are raising. It was a busy day, but nice to do something together. I've posted some photos below for you to check out.


Driving in the car - Autumn is in the back using her Viewmaster.
Autumn next to some bittersweet at the science center which she very much wanted to pick, but wasn't able to because of the rule of "do not pick wildflowers".

Autumn and Keith checking out the turkeys at Karen and Carls. I wonder which one their going to have for Thanksgiving?

Nice scenery driving down the road away from Karen and Carls.

Autumn and Keith standing next to the Abenaki fire tower which we went to the top of. I have to say that my legs hurt a lot after climbing up and down all those stairs.
Hope everyone else a a great weekend!

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