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November 26, 2008

My Day

Hello - I wanted to post a cute comic I read and also this picture of Autumn yesterday. She had a "Thanksgiving Feast" at school. They made Indian headresses that she wore ALL DAY, and there was a teepee set up which she thought was great. I am kind of putting off what I need to start today. I am dealing with a grumpy 5 year old who is not a morning person. I need to do between 5-7 loads of laundry. I need to make a beef stew to put in the crock pot. I need to make my yummy cheesecake of tomorrow. I need to help Zachary a bit with the pumpkin pie he is so excited about making. I need to return some books to the library which hopefully is open today. I should go buy some tinsel for the Christmas tree that Keith says we're not putting up this weekend, but we are going to talk him into it because that's what we like to do. Once Taryne is up she will most likely talk ALL DAY LONG. She's going to ask me to take her to practice on the "real piano". I would like to order my photo Christmas cards (see sample picture below!) I then need to serve my beef stew, clean up and then give Autumn a bath. And finally I want to watch "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" which I recorded last night. At this point I will probably fall asleep on the couch! For people who wonder what I do all day this is a little sample. Happy Thanksgiving!

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