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January 26, 2009


Hello! Isn't it fun when it's too cold to go outside for more than 5 minutes?

I've been busy organizing the photos on the computer. When I try to get more scrapbooking done the many photos I take become very disorganized, and when I take the time to organize them my scrabooking gets behind. That's what happens when I have a limited amount of time to do all that I want to do.

Here are a bunch of photos I have taken the past few days. Last Thursday Autumn and I went on here school field trip to the SEE Science Museum in Manchester. The first two photos are from there.

This contraption is supposed to make you feel what it would be like with zero gravity. It bounces up and down, and actually didn't look that fun.

Autumn is using a mechanical arm to try and pick up objects. Two of her friends were waiting for their turns, but she was stubborn about letting them go.

After the field trip on Thursday I though that Friday Autumn would be tired, but NOOOO!!! By 9:00 am this is what was going on in my house. Autumn had on her princess dress and was doing all different kinds of crafts all at once. By noon I was worn out.

I don't even remember what day I took these photos, but obviously it was after receiving more snow. Zachary has an arrangement with our neighbor to shovel his driveway in the winter. He does love to shovel that snow!

Here is Autumn lying in the snow and taking a rest. You may wonder where Taryne is? Most likely inside reading and drinking hot chocolate, which are here favorite past-times lately.

Saturday night was Zachary's OA Banquet. This year he was the Kitchen Chairman, so he was in charge of things. Here he is posing with the kitchen staff. The adult advisor is a chef for his career so Zachary has learned a lot from him.

This is the menu from the banquet. There was also a chocolate fountain. At all times there was a large group of scouts around it. Because Autumn absolutely loved this, I had to squeeze her in for a turn about 5 times. She couldn't reach it either so I had to hold her up. It was a messy scene!

These are Autumn's latest creations she has made using my scrapbook stuff. These are two cards, and one slice of pizza. If I wasn't so greedy with my supplies she would be scrapbooking instead. I guess I should let her, but I hate to let anyone use my "good" stuff!

Taryne thought Speedy would look cute with this bandana on. She was right! He let her tie this on him and then he even smiled for the camera when she took his picture (see next photo for his smile!).

Yes, cats can smile!

Well that's all for now. I'm going back to my task of editing and organizing photos because I have to print out a giant batch of photos for scrapbooking, and Walgreens has a sale for 10 cent prints when you get 50 or more!! I just love those deals.

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