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January 29, 2009


Since Taryne's 14th Birthday is coming soon I thought I would post some photos of her from when she was smaller. These are the most recent photos I am scrapbooking (told you I was behind!), and I thought they were so cute. You have always been able to tell Taryne's personality just by looking at photos, some of which I have included here.

Summer 2000

Taryne's 5th Birthday, February 2000

February 2000

September 1999, First Day of Pre-K
(This is one of "those" photos with the face scrunched-up shoulders!)

(So isn't this one!) Summer 1999

Look at the curls! Summer 1999

Taryne's 4th Birthday, February 1999

February 1999

HOW CUTE! Taryne's 3rd Birthday February 1998

Another one of "those" photos - She's licking the cake!
February 1999

And that was my flashback to the past.
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