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January 14, 2009

Room With A View

Ok, so my movie doesn't work that great, I forgot to mention that you should go to the bottom of my blog and pause the pop-out player before watching the movie as that has music too. On YouTube 2 people have looked at my movie. I hope it works better on that site.

This morning I put the pictures I made into frames and hung them up in Autumn's room. See photos below~

My next project will be making a fabric-covered bulletin board so that has one spot to hang all the wierd things up that she likes to display in her room. Things such as paper cookies and things she's glued together with my scrapbooking extras (cardstock, buttons, ribbon). Then I might make a fabric-covered lampshade to replace the Pottery Barn lampshade, that is kind of baby-like, but both of us still like it. Oh and I might make some pillows as Autumn requested a smiley-face and star-shaped pillows, plus I wanted a bunch of other ones too. Then hopefully I can start to think about Taryne's room as both of her windows are now replaced and we may soon be ready for the next step.
Gotta go!
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    Bravo, is simply excellent idea


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