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March 18, 2009

Autumn on Skis

Autumn announced recently that she wanted to ski, so Keith took her to Playitagain and got her a tiny pair of skis and helmet. He then took her out to a little hill where she tried them out. Then yesterday I took her to the same hill so I could see how she does, and she certainly looks like she knows what she's doing. She even jumped in the air, landed on the skis and kept going. These are some photos that I took of her in action. By the way, it didn't occur to me until after her first run, how she was going to get back up the hill. Needless to say I was the "chairlift".

Just before her big jump!

Towards the end Autumn found a bug in the snow which she insisted on "helping" because it didn't know where to go. She does love those bugs.
Soon I will be posting some old photos of my little Zachary in celebration of his 17th birthday. HMMMM.

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