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March 23, 2009

Happy Monday!!

Yesterday Keith took Autumn to Pats Peak to try her skiis out on a "bigger" hill. She LOVES to ski and had a great time and did very well. Below are some photos Keith took while they were there.


Here she comes!! (She's the dot with the arms out)

Riding up the hill on the Magic Carpet (she looks so tiny!)

Posing on the Magic Carpet

Besides skiing this weekend Autumn had a playdate on Friday afternoon, my friend Sherry came for a visit Friday evening, Saturday Taryne's school orchestra had a competition where the orchestra is given a grade (they got A's). This afternoon Autumn is having another playdate, and tomorrow she has a field trip to Cedarland (lets see if she actually gets in the water). We have many things going on this week and that is only part of the craziness!

And one more photo which brightens my day - this really neat bike - the best part about this is that it is for ADULTS! Can anyone see me riding this thing around?? I'd probably get laughed at.
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