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April 29, 2009

Home is Where the Heart is

This is the page that I just finished and am now ready to share. For this layout I began with this wonderful patterned paper that I love because it is actually like a big fabric sticker. The combination of the print and the fabric make it very "homey".

Shortly I will be posting this on Etsy ~ if you like it get it before it's gone!!

The HOT weather was blown out of here last night - literally. We had the skylight in our kitchen open and it was so windy while I was making dinner that pine needles and leaves made a mess all over the kitchen floor. Taryne, being 14, said that she wasn't going to sweep up the mess so I should close the window. But it was so nice after the 95 deg. heat that I kept it open, and being the mean mother that I am I did have her sweep up the mess after!

Later today Autumn is having a playdate with her friend Olivia from school. It should be a good time for us both because her mom Kellie is so funny and it's always fun when she's around!

Well I'm off to Etsy to list my page!


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  1. That is amazing!! I keep telling my self that I will make a scrapbook for each grandchild, don't have any grandchildren yet - so I have time to work up to it!! Just started making cards, love it!!

  2. Thank you so much!

  3. Really nice...Very detailed!


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