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April 16, 2009

I LOVE that the weather has been so nice this week! Yesterday while we were outside Autumn and I drew with the chalk which hasn't been used since last summer. Fun, fun, fun!! Then our black cat sat on my rainbow and had colored stripes on his bum when he got up!

I have been in the mood for spring shopping lately. I just bought Autumn a few things. Hopefully Ms. Picky likes what I bought or she'll refuse to wear it. Stubborn girls make getting ready in the morning a very SLOW process!

I am now working on a very neat scrapbook page for Autumn. It will incorporate an actual colored copy of her hand. (She insisted on copying her hand with colored ink one day not one time, but three seperate times because they weren't coming out good enough.) When I'm finished I will post it here!

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  1. cats will always sit in the most inconvenient place,it's a law of cat-dom I think.


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