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May 29, 2009

Autumn is officially no longer a preschooler :(

Last night Autumn had a little graduation from her preschool which so so ADORABLE! The kids sang six songs that they actually memorized! Then they each received their little diplomas. I felt a bit sad when it was all over because Autumn is getting so big, and also for her that some of the kids she's been friends with for the last two years she will never see again. Luckily for Autumn doesn't see that far in advance ~ she's just happy that her summer vacation has begun!

This is Autumn receiving her diploma ~ she has on her "photo smile"!

Here is Autumn with two of her favorite friends Bryleigh & Edward.

Now that I have a free moment I am going to take the time to announce award winner #5 for the Honest Scrap Award. One recipient mentioned that they didn't know what this award means, and truthfully I don't know either - except that any award is an honor! So......

Winner # 5 is.................................

Karen of ecogeneration!

Karen's blog has a lot of information on earth friendly products and practices. One subject she posted on recently was about sunscreens, and how some of them are actually harmful to the earth. This was something that I would NEVER have even thought of. Karen has also been very helpful to me in setting up my FB fanpage etc. Thanks Karen!

Please take a moment to visit Karen's blog at this address and you may learn something new that never even crossed you mind ~ http://ecogeneration.blogspot.com/.

Now for random fact # 6 about myself ~ hmmmmm lets see!

6) I have begun reading the Twilight series under Taryne's insistence. I am halfway done with book # 1 and I do think it's good ~ but I am still wondering what it is that makes everyone so crazy about these books. Hopefully I will discover this soon!

Well I'm off to let Karen know that she is lucky recipient #5!

Have a good day!
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  1. Awwwhhhh, cute pictures.

    As to the twilight series. I am going to read it soon. :)

  2. Kids' graduations and recitals are such great entertainment!


  3. Thanks for the award and the shout about my blog. What a nice surprise it is! Can' wait to start working on ten facts about myself. I think that's going to be hard.

    Preschool years are so special. I still remember the two graduations....seventeen and fourtern years ago! OMG...time flies.

    Autumn (my favorite season) looks so precious in the photo. She's a natural in front of the camera!!

    I remind myself every day to enjoy the present because I know I won't be able to relive it...like preschool graduations.



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