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May 19, 2009

Betsey Johnson ROCKS!

Personally I am not all that much into clothes. I would much rather buy my kids nice things than myself, which was most definately the case last night.

Even though I am not all that much into fashion, I do happen to have a favorite designer - Betsey Johnson. I have always loved her dresses, swimsuits, shoes and bags, but never planned on owning anything from her.

Last night my Mom and I took Taryne out dress shopping for her 8th grade semi-formal dance in June. We drove for over an hour to go to a "fancy" mall instead of the one near our home. I knew ahead that there was a Betsey Johnson store at this mall, and planned on going there last ~ just to look.

Well, the the first store we went in Taryne found a beautiful dress that we put on hold. Then on our way to our second stop I spotted the Betsy Johnson store, and threw my theory of going there last out the window.

I don't usually say this about a store, but her store was beautiful. The walls were super pink, the dressing room curtains were a funky floral, and then of course there were the dresses! OH MY!

At first Taryne thought the dresses were a bit crazy for her, but then she put on one of them and we knew right away that it was THE ONE! It is SO HER!

So then we made the BIG purchase, which I'm sure will not go over well once the bill comes in, but it was worth it.

For now we are keeping the dress a surprise (sorry!) but I did take this photo of Taryne holding the famous Betsey Johnson pink bag. I should have taken this photo in the store, but I ended up taking it in the "fancy" bathroom instead.

The dance is not until June 25, but after that I will be sharing many photos of Taryne in THE DRESS.

Yes I know that this was a crazy long post based on my splurging, but tomorrow I will be sharing more of my creations (if I can settle down and think straight!).

Have a good day!
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  1. Fun! I have a 9th grader, and we love shopping together! Sounds like she is going to have a great time...Love your blog!

  2. Lovely daughter, Paula. Can't wait to see this dress.

  3. Thanks! I can't wait to see her all done up with her hair and makeup ~ she'll look so much older :(


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