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May 16, 2009

SUPER Saturday!!!

Good morning everyone! I can't believe it but I awoke this morning to two sales from my Etsy shop!! Now I am re-inspired to create more. I have been feeling a bit disappointed lately about my slow sales, and am so thankful for my customers who have purchased from me. Thank you all!!

Today is going to be a busy day - what a shocker! This morning I will be packing up and shipping my order, I have a few errands to do that I should have done yesterday, Autumn has yet ANOTHER birthday party to attend, and then I plan on sitting down and creating. When I'm most in the mood to create something is usually when I don't have the extra time. Of course in between all that I need to do laundry and cook (I may be able to get around that one!), and play with my Autumn girl.

Well I'm off for now!
Have a nice day!
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  1. Congrats on the sales!....I would probably just skip the laundry.(it will be there tomorrow) Have a glorious day!

  2. Congrats on your sales.

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  3. congrats!!

    oh, happy day :)

  4. Thank you everyone!! I just love to read all your comments!!

  5. Yeh for the sales!! may you have many more :)

  6. I hope so too for all of us!!

  7. Don't you just love waking up to Etsy sales? Nothing like that to start the day! Great for you!


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