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May 23, 2009

Waiting for the Sun to Shine!

Good morning! My girls are still asleep at 8:30 am, and I am so tired myself but can't sleep. So here I am updating my blog. It is cloudy outside now, but supposedly it will turn sunny later. Once that sun comes out I will feel so much more awake.

Yesterday Keith had the day off from work and went to Lone Tree (the boy scout camp near us) to do some work. Then the rest of us went there late in the day and we had a little cookout and toasted marshmallows and Autumn stayed up too late. But what's the fun of going to bed on time every night?

Now I am going to announce my third choice for the Honest Scrap Blog Award!! And the award goes to .........................

OMG We're Pregnant!

This blog is about a british couple who found out they are going to have a baby, and they started this anonymous blog as a way of documenting all kinds of things that one normally wouldn't reveal. It is very entertaining, and makes one want to check back often for updates! On a serious note, I do wish them the best when the big day arrives!

And now for random fact #4 about myself!

4) I need to have 2 cups of coffe in the am, one diet coke in the afternoon, and to put on chapstick before bed. Wierd huh?

Well I'm off to let the writers of OMG We're Pregnant know that they have received this award.

Have a great Saturday!
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  1. I'm with you on the coffee, coke and lip balm. I never leave home without lip balm. There is one in my pocket, one in my purse and one in my school bus!!
    Found some really really nice lip balm on etsy. It's not to mushy, not to hard - just right!!

  2. Anonymous5/23/2009

    Ooohhh thank you! How lovely! We feel honored. Thank you for the good wishes too.... we're 18 weeks now, nearly half way there! Eeeckkk xxxxxxx


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