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May 26, 2009

Weekend Happenings & Award Winner #4!

Wow it's already Tuesday! Autumn has three days left until school is out - the countdown is ON! In my last few hours of "freedom" what should I do???!!!

This weekend we did a lot of hanging out with the kids, didn't really go anywhere. Every year I put out the sprinkler for Autumn and she never dares to go in it. This weekend I set it up AGAIN and she actually went in. Below are some photos of her. I think I took about 100 photos so I pared it down a bit for you to see.

Here she is all excited and running around like a mad woman!

Thinking about whether or not to run right through the middle.

Does anyone think that you can fill up a cup using a sprinkler? We know.

Finally getting close to the middle but she gets a bit of water in her nose so......

.....this time she blocks her nose but then she gets an even better idea!!!

How about a mask?!

Peeking out from a giant bucket.

These photos will be fun to scrapbook once I get around to scrapping our last Halloween and Christmas photos!

Now I will announce winner # 4 for the blog award!!

And the winner is.................................
Marybeth from Desperately Searching for my Inner Mary Poppins!!

Marybeth has such a humorous blog that is fun to read, and is set up very nice too! We connected through Facebook's Networked Blogs ,which is a nice way to meet new bloggers! To check out Marybeth's blog click here: http://mbsmith090801.blogspot.com/ and you'll be glad you did!

Now for random fact # 5 about ME!

5) You can't tell by looking at me now, but I LOVE the 80's! I LOVED being a teen in the 80's with all the crazy clothes, music, big hair, boys with long hair, TransAms and Camaro Irocs. Ask anyone who knew me then and they will attest that I had the biggest hair EVER - sorry to all those I embarrased BTW! And I still have my two VERY COOL jackets one of which is a super shiny black plastic. I told Taryne that one day I was going to wear it when I pick her up from school. Maybe someday I'll actually put it on and take a photo and post it here ~ but that's only a MAYBE!

Well I outdid myself today with this post!

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  1. Paula you are way too sweet! Thanks for the shout out and I'd LOVE to accept your award.

    Also, ADORABLE pics. Love the one with her plugging her nose. So something I did as a kid!!!

  2. Very cute pictures. Love all the trees in your backyard.

  3. Love the photos. Your daughter is adorable. I like the one where she under the tub. :O:

  4. Your welcome Marybeth!

    Thanks Angie ~ we do live in a very woodsy area.

    Thanks readingsully2 ~ Someday my kids will be happy that I took all those photos!


  5. Oh that's too funny, I love the
    80's also! My boyfriend and I argue all the time about the music, he says that the big hair bands aren't really 'rock'. LOL.

  6. Ooh That's Pretty! tell your boyfriend that big hair bands ARE rock with a little something extra!

  7. You've won an award and can pick it up on my blog at http://linorstorecom.blogspot.com



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