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May 11, 2009

Weekends Go Way Too FAST!

Well here it is Monday morning already! We had such a busy weekend which made it go by even faster. Here are some of the highlights ~

I completed this scrapbook page and listed it on MadeItMyself.com. I had been thinking about the fact that my daughter Taryne is 14, and before I know it I will be giving her a Sweet 16 birthday party. (Scary!!!) Then I came up with this page with a Sweet 16 theme. If this one does not sell I think I will keep it myself!

Autumn went to a birthday party on Saturday for her friend Olivia. The party was held at an indoor bouncy place where they have those giant inflatable bounce houses and slides. This particular place had a 20ft. inflatable slide. I didn't think Autumn would go on this as she is very cautious, but she did and loved it! The rule was that you had to either put your arms up or crossed in front of you so that you didn't get burned, because it went SO FAST! Yes that sounds a bit dangerous, but it was CRAZY FUN for the kids. I forgot my camera so I can't share any photos of that :(.

On the way to the party we passed a yard sale where they had a girls chopper-style bike out for sale. I didn't have time to stop on the way to the party, but on the way home the bike was still there so we stopped to check it out. I wasn't sure if I really liked this bike myself, and I knew that if Autumn saw it she would want it, but I stopped anyways. Well Autumn absolutely LOVED it! She loved the fact that it looks like a motorcycle, so how could I refuse to buy it for her for $10.00?! The photos show her posing on her bike ~ you can tell she feels cool on it! And don't even ask about the ski helmet that she's wearing! That's a whole other story in itself!

During all this excitement Keith and Zachary were camping with the Boy Scouts, and Taryne had her friend Kaitlyn over. Taryne and Kaitlyn planned on making a video of themselves that they thought was funny enough to put on YouTube. They did come up with something which I would share, but it's a bit too WACKY! Maybe eventually I'll change my mind and share it later in the week ~ of course the goal is to see how many views they get, and maybe I could help her out a bit!

This is a LONG post but I have one more thing to share ~ the Mother's Day gift I made for my Mom! I decided to make a charm bracelet that included an angel charm, and two mini frames where she can insert whatever photos she wants. This is the first charm bracelet that I've made, but I like how it turned out. Taryne thought it was cool, and Autumn thought it would be hard to wear. Well it may be hard to wear, but it is cool!

Origami box I made as the gift box for the bracelet.

Well I'm off to do a million other things on this Monday morning. Hope everyone had a good weekend, and that all the Mothers out there had a wonderful Mother's Day!!

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  1. Paula,
    My daughter turned 16 this past March ~ I still can't believe it! Love the chopper with training wheels ~ how ironic :)
    And your mother must have cried over your handmade gift, it is beautiful.
    Have a wonderful week.

  2. Thank you for your comment!! Time goes too fast when you have children.

  3. One more comment~ I wish that they made an adult pink chopper bike with training wheels! Or when I get rich from selling my crafts I can have one made!!


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