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June 2, 2009

Blog Awards Galore!

Good morning! During the last two weeks my blog has been awarded FIVE awards! I am beside myself here!

I am very thankful that my blog was chosen for these awards. It will take me awhile to follow through on the rules, but the first step I'm going to take will be to name the blogs who passed the awards onto me, along with links so you can visit their blogs as well. I'll then post comments on their blogs, and then I'll also post the awards on here.

Here goes~

1) THANK YOU JEN from "Invites by Jen" for awarding me the "Honest Scrap Award"!!
Click here to visit her blog:

2) THANK YOU CAROLE from "Art Plus" for awarding me the "One Lovely Blog Award"! Click here to visit her blog:

3) THANK YOU JUDY from "Bellissimasblog" for awarding me the "One Lovely Blog Award"!! Click here to visit her blog:

4) And last but NOT least THANK YOU DONNA from "Naturally Comfy Home" for awarding me the "One Lovely Blog Award"!! Click here to visit her blog:

Here are the awards!!!

Ok, now for all of you who were wondering how my chipmunk saga ends here's the story. I finally gave up keeping track of where the chipmunk was located in my house, and I went to do some errands. When I got back there was a dead chipmunk in the driveway. I felt bad for it, but also relieved that the situation was "taken care of". Then I discovered that the dead chipmunk was NOT the one in my house! Eventually though with the doors open, it made it's way outside where the cat picked it up and chased it around while I screamed "NO SMILEY!" (kid-chosen cat name). The lucky chipmunk escaped in the end, and everything's now ok. Sorry - that turned out to be a very long story!

This afternoon Autumn has her last ballet class and brings her costume with her to practice their routine. I should probably get out my list of rules regarding this because there's a lot. Then after dinner Taryne and I are going to the high school for a tour to get ready for next year. In some ways she's ready, but in other ways I wonder. If you would like to see a sample of what I mean check out this little video Taryne made last night when she was home alone.

It is titled "Chasing Cars (literally)" My mom probably shouldn't watch this. And the sign on the cone says SLOW.


Let me know what you think!

Have a good day!
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  1. Congrats on all the awards!!!! I kinda changed the name of the award when you gave it to me (blushing and kinda ashamed) but it's really cute!!!

  2. Anonymous6/02/2009


  3. I had a smile on my face as I watched her video. My daughter starts High School in the Fall too and I'm a little sad that she's all grown up. She is probably as ready as Taryne is to be a High Schooler but it's nice to watch the video and realize that they are still our silly little girls.

  4. That's ok Marybeth - now there's a new version out there!

    Thank you Heather!

    And Karen thanks for watching the video - silly little girls is a nice description - I like that.

  5. WOW!! Belated CONGRATS! AND, you GO, GIRL!!


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