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June 9, 2009

Laundry Woes

Today I'm running low on energy. I've been so busy, and now the day is starting off very dark and gloomy. Therefore I thought I'd just blog about the Twitter comment I made yesterday ~ "OMG I just had a big laundry disaster", and silly stuff like that.

Well, I was washing a load of towels and at the last minute thought I'd throw in this pillow that my husband has had since before we even met. It didn't really fit in the wash, but I made it fit. Then when the wash was finished I opened the door and surprise! The pillow must have got caught in the door when I crammed it in because the pillow hadn't moved, and there was a rip in the side, and stuff was coming out of it. What that stuff was I couldn't tell you because it wasn't your normal pillow stuffing. I didn't know what to do with it so I just set it aside in my deal-with-it-later pile. Now I'm going to have to either attempt to fix it, or somehow secretly dispose of it. Lovely decision ~ most likely neither will turn out good.

I think when I get tired I try to take shortcuts in the way I do my housework. The other day I had to iron something but was in a hurry. I was ironing very quickly ~ I was moving really fast and getting the job done! I call it "aggressive ironing" The next thing I knew the iron just flew off the ironing board and landed on the rug hot side down. I had to run around the board as fast as I could, and when I picked up the iron there was a black imprint on the rug. Luckily it was just the cheap "laundry area rug".

Why these things happen to me I'll never know! Maybe those are signs that I shouldn't be doing laundry anymore ~ do you think?

If anyone has any laundry disasters to share I'd love to hear them. I need some laughter over here!

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  1. Hey fathers day is round the corner.
    You coUld take the good parts of pillow remake real nice then tell him you fixed up his old pillow for a surprise. Tell him you were thinking to preserve it longer for him. He can hardly be angry at your gift;)
    BTw I really like your blog.

  2. I totally think fate is telling you to no longer do laundry...enlist a husband or a child. It is the only way to ensure the safety of your family's clothing.

    Now if I can just "stage" a few laundry disasters of my own.........

  3. LOL, Paula, I've been there. :) My laundry woes are the mysterious white spots that just appear on the clothes.:)

  4. LOL Paula I agree you need to find disposable clothes. Step away from the laundry room.

  5. Great ideas everyone!! Thanks!


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