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June 8, 2009

Magnificent Monday

Ok, so I didn't get a video of Taryne playing piano at her recital. She was very nervous and I didn't want to make her more nervous, so I settled for photos of her at the piano after playing her song, which by the way was beautiful! She played the song from Twilight which you hear playing as you read this. This song was super popular among the girls, and Taryne was the first to grab it for the recital. Lucky girl!

Taryne looks so grown up when she's all dressed up. With the shoes she had on she was at least 8" taller than me. It's a wierd feeling when your child is towering over you.

Today is going to be another crazy busy day. This morning is grocery shopping, making PB Rice Krispie treats, making chicken salad for dinner, and then it will probably be lunchtime. Then this afternoon I pick Taryne up from school, go to the orthodontist with her, bring Autumn for her studio dance recital rehearsal, rush home and grab dinner if there's time, then Taryne, me and the krispie treats go back to the school for music awards night. When that is over it will be bedtime. So I get to spend the only bright and sunny day expected this week in my car and many different indoor facilities - joy!! Oh well, eventually things will slow down.

I've been so busy I haven't had much time for my Etsy shop. I did decide to have my first sale which hasn't helped a bit, but I thought I'd try to sell some of my older items, and soon add some new items. Maybe this isn't the best time for a sale, or maybe I need to promote my sale more.

Well I'm off to begin my day ~ guess I better start by getting dressed!

Happy Monday All!
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  1. Oh...I was looking forward to the video! I wanted to see which one she played. Super cute little dress she's got on too!!! I'm so not ready for my little girl to be that old yet, but sadly it's looming in my not so distant future :(

  2. Yes they grow way too fast! She's only 14 but thinks she's much smarter than me! Well maybe in math and science she is! LOL!



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