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June 26, 2009

Mega Update!

Hi Everyone! I've been having blog withdrawals since I've been away of vacation, but I am finally able to get my fix! I have many photos to share as well.

As you know we went camping at the ocean in the rain. The first day was partly sunny and we were able to go down to the beach, but after that it was rainy and windy each and every day. I was a bit discouraged and didn't take many photos of this trip, but here are some of the better ones which include new baby photos, and Keith's birthday photos.

Keith and Autumn with a bucket full of crabs!

Keith and Autumn sitting by our one and only campfire.

Keith and Autumn telling me to stop taking their picture.

On Monday June 22 Cathy and Jonathan's new baby girl arrived! This certainly cheered things up a bit! Her name is Madelyn Carol and she weighed 9lbs. and is VERY CUTE!!

Me holding Madelyn.

Zachary holding Madelyn.

Our annual visit to Brown's with Keith for his birthday for lobster.

We arrived home on Wednesday due to the weather, and I have been going crazy catching up on laundry, and helping Taryne get ready for her 8th grade semi-formal which was last night. For me this was the most exciting part of the past week.

Taryne was FINALLY able to unveil her Betsey Johnson dress! I began taking photos from the moment she had her hair done until the moment she went into the dance. At that point she was telling me I should leave. Later she'll be happy that I got all these photos!

The finished updo!

Our wonderful hair stylist Nina!

Makeup which came out FANTASTIC!

And here is the lovely creation of a dress! Unfortunately my photos don't capture the SPARKLE the dress gives off. It looks much more glittery and fluffy in person.

Lysette, Celena, Taryne, Jessi and Kayla

Taryne and Gabby

Taryne, Kaitlyn and Taylor

Taryne, Taylor, Andrea, Kaitlyn, Kyla and Kristina

Taryne and Kaitlyn

Meghan, Tyla and Taryne

Ok so this update was a bit large, but now I am all caught up!
Happy Friday All!

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  1. Thanks for update, paula. Lovely photos.

    Last day for out Treasure Hunt...if you get some time. LOL...but I know how it is when you just get back from vacation.

  2. Aw....this is what Madelyn will look forward to. Congrats on your new niece AND Taryne's beautiful evening. Yay for pestering Mom who will become her bff (if not already) when she sees these pix ten years later. Great job!

    And welcome home to more rainy days...here in NY anyway.

    Lobster sounds great! One of our family's favorite foods.


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