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June 30, 2009

Mission Complete!

Yesterday I had written that I was going to test out the "word" bronormous on my daughter. (See yesterdays post for details.) During the afternoon we were out doing errands and I kept looking for opportunities to use the word. Well it wasn't easy. We finally stopped at the gas station and a car pulled up beside us with a guy and girl inside. When the guy stepped out he was wearing a tank top and had big arms and tattoos. The perfect opportunity had finally presented itself! So I make a show of looking at this guy and while holding back laughter said to Taryne "that guy certainly thinks he's bronormous". I was expecting her to look at me like I was crazy, but instead she says "oh where?!" Then she takes a look and says "yeah but he's not" and that was it. So she seemed to know what I was saying, and didn't think it was wierd that I used that word.

So I guess I should pick another word from the Urban Dictionary and try again! Today my word will be:

1.n. To describe heavy rain or bad weather. Mainly used in NW England.

I thought this word would be appropriate since we have only had a sunny day in June here 3 out of 30 days. The only problem I may have is trying to be serious while saying this!

Also, as Moon Spirit Jewelry suggested, I looked up my name in the Urban Dictionary and the first three definitions were as follows:


1> A beautiful girl with a cute name and has the BEST possible personailty I've ever met.

2> Natural beauty, exotic, very unique

3> a kickass mother who is da bomb and love everyone and everything. but when mad can create some serious damage.

(My personal favorite is number 3!)

One last thing I wanted to share today is the scrapbook page I listed on Etsy last night. I have sold a similar one awhile ago and thought this was such a unique idea that I should make another one. (Of course without sunlight the picture is horrible but soon I hope to fix it!)

Well I hope everyone has a great Tuesday!
Check back in tomorrow to see the latest results of my experiment!

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  1. What a shame she did not react. All that work on your part. LOL

    Love your page.


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