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June 27, 2009


Okay ~ I am now having a Betsey Johnson and a Polly Pocket obssession! I can't help it but it needs to stop! I have been on and off of Ebay for the last two days looking at Betsey Johnson bags and Polly Pocket stuff.

Right now I am trying to hold back on bidding on these~

Large Straw bag

Polly Pocket Hacienda WITH animals! Like we need this!

Polly Pocket plane, house AND roller coaster!

Autumn does need some more toys now that she's home for the summer, but I don't need that bag.

Hopefully today will be a beachy day. Autumn has been wanting to go swimming but it just hasn't been the right weather. If this mornings sun stays out long enough I think we'll be able to. And that way I'll be away from this computer and Ebay!

Have a Great Saturday!!
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  1. Anonymous6/27/2009

    he he he... I get obsessed too... it's when I realise EVERYTHING i am watching and bidding on are totally pointless and unnecessary I switch off my mac!!!

  2. Looks like a lot of fun to me. :)

  3. Yes fun but it gets me into trouble!


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