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June 18, 2009


Yesterday I had a little finger-in-the-fan incident. When I say this you probably think that one of my kids stuck their finger in a fan, but if you thought that you were wrong! It was a horrific accident. I was in our camper getting ready for out beach trip which is coming up, and Autumn decides to turn on this little high-powered fan that is hanging up in there. I reached around Autumn to turn it off and my finger went ALL THE WAY in. It felt like my finger was chopped off. Of course I screamed really loud and went running into the house where I put on a bandaid while trying not to look at it. It took me hours to finally look at it, and it's yucky, but not too bad. I'm even typing with it today. So just in case you were wondering ~ no I never made it strawberry picking. First I injure my toe, and now my finger. I told you I was clumsy.

Well we're waking up to another cloudy day with a good chance of rain later. Blahh. With this crummy weather I've been able to do a bit of personal scrapbooking as well as making Father's Day cards, and a card for my husband Keith's birthday. (Luckily I completed these before my finger incident). The two pages below are my latest. I've had some flower stamps for awhile now and haven't really used them, so I thought I'd do so on these layouts for something different. Here they are!

Well I'm off to start my day ~ hopefully with no injuries!

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  1. I love the cards!! Sweet idea :0)

    Hope your finger is better soon, I once sliced the end of mine off with a scalpel and it was NOT nice, you poor thing.... be careful out there!!

  2. Oh my gosh...well glad you are okay.

    Nice scrapbooking. :)

  3. I hope your finger and toe gets better!
    Those bubbly photos are adorable, my little one loves bubble baths as well :)


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