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June 17, 2009

Raisin Brahms

While browsing around online I came across this funny TV commercial created to show parents the value of arts education. I thought I would share this because 1) I am a BIG fan of FUNNY and 2) because I do believe that musical and art education does help with the learning of math and science.

*Before playing please go to the bottom on my blog and pause the music player!

My daughter Taryne plays both the violin and piano and I believe this has helped her in school. Not only that, but she has made friends with some really good kids in her school orchestra. They all have music in common, and this has created a nice bond between them.

Has anyone actually seen this commercial on TV? I haven't, but I wish that I would. There is also another commercial titled "Van Goghurt" (Van Gogh + Yoplait's Gogurt = another funny one).

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