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June 4, 2009


Yesterday I took some silly photos of myself wearing my vintage sunglasses! When you think of vintage you may think of the term old ~ I know I do. To be considered vintage something has to be at least 20 years old, which is kind of old for an accessory, but if your talking about an accessory that you actually wore when it was in style and you still own it, then it doesn't feel so old. I don't know if that makes sense to you but it does to me.

Anyways here they are~

1970's Walt Disney Donald Duck glasses - very retro!

1980's Hot Pink Cool Sunglasses which are sooo dark I don't know how I could have seen where I was going while wearing them.

And NOW! These are my big sunglasses new this season and if I keep them long enough they will eventually become vintage too!

During my lovely little photo shoot Autumn decided our bushes and lawn needed a trim, and that she would take care of it with her scizzors. She went crazy for about half an hour cutting, cutting, and cutting some more until her little hand was worn out. She was proud of herself and asked me if things looked good. I told her they did. Here are some photos of that business~

You can see she is very pleased with herself and this idea of hers.

Here she is in deep concentration!

Well that's all the sillyness I have for now, so I'm off to create some more!

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  1. Love the Donald Duck ones. LOL

    Your daughter is adorable.

  2. Those big blue ones are hot! I need to get me a pair of those! And I swear I had those Donald Duck ones when I was a kid. Did you steal them from me???? :D

  3. MaryBeth you should get some big sunglasses - at first I felt wierd in them but now they feel normal! And don't even think that I'm gonna fall for that one ~ they are most certainly mine but I can see you in them as well!

    readingsully2 the Donald Duck one's are my favorite - but don't think I'd wear them in public!


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