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June 6, 2009

Super Saturday!

Happy Saturday!

Last night as I mentioned yesterday Taryne went to see the Boston Pops Symphony Orchestra at Symphony Hall in Boston. She didn't get home till almost midnight, and she is still in bed, so I didn't get to much information. She did tell me that she wasn't supposed to take pictures, but she managed to get one anyways, which is a bit blurry, but shows that she was there!

Also this morning I discovered that I have received TWO more of the "One Lovely Blog Award"s!!! I am so thankful for those who like my blog enough to pass along these awards! Thank you so much to:




This afternoon is going to be busy (what a shocker!). Taryne is going to a birthday party which starts off at the mall with a mall scavenger hunt (which seems to be a cool new trend). Then she'll continue onto her friends house for a pool party. In the middle of this I need to get Autumn dressed up in her dance costume with makeup and hair complete, to go the dance school to have her group dance photo taken. I am very afraid to apply makeup to her tiny little face! And trying to tame her unruly hair in a bun with no wispys may be near impossible! It will be good practice for the actual recital.

Well I'd better go and begin doing something to get a move-on.

Have a nice day!
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