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June 19, 2009

V A C A T I O N !!!

Happy Friday!!

Today I did a LOT of laundry, cleaned my house, and prepared to go away camping at the ocean for five rainy days. We'll be in our camper, but still! This will be my last blog update until I return next Thursday.

To cheer myself up about the weather I've come up with a list of positives ONLY ~ no negative thinking here:

Lots of family time
No laundry
No real cooking
Alcohol & goodies
Being lazy
No sunburns + no sunblock application

Another thing I did today was to change my Twitter background to a really neat pattern with apples, and it looks like fabric. Come and check it out!

I hope to update Twitter through my phone while away ~ we'll see how that goes! I can't quite figure out how to tell what your doing online on that tiny screen though. I keep hitting the wrong button and going off-line, so there may be some half-finished messages sent out. That's if I even actually make it to Twitter at all, which is highly likely! Especially if I've had a bit of wine.

Well this is goodbye for now! Leave me some comments so I'll have something nice to read when I come home to dry out (from the rain that is!).

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