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July 15, 2009


And here she is ~ braceless!!!

It only took about 45 minutes and then voila! I wish the car wasn't cutting the top of her head off in this photo, but I wanted to get a natural smile before she knew what was happening. And I did get a natural smile from Taryne, FINALLY!!

I'm so happy that Taryne's teeth are so nice now. There was a LOT of work to be done, but they did a wonderful job. Unfortunatley now Taryne looks a bit older without the braces. A few hours after getting them off she went for a walk and was mistaken by a neighbor to be another girl in our neighborhood who is either 17 or 18. NO!!

Today is going to be so nice out that we decided Taryne should have some friends over for a little beach party. Looks like it's not going to be much of a party since so far only one out of 15 can come, but it will be nice for her to have something to do other than repeat "I'm bored" every 10 minutes throughout the day. (That is getting on my nerves ~ big time.).

Therefore I'm hoping to go out on Friday night with Sherry to have some adult fun. Sherry just makes me laugh so much that whatever we do will be a blast. And Friday cannot come quick enough for me!

Have a nice day!
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