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July 13, 2009

Blogging Away on This Monday!

Happy Monday Everyone!

Yesterday Keith and I and the girls went to Jon & Cathy's for a visit. It was such a nice day to be outside. Although it was still not beachy enough for me to attempt going swimming. Julia always LOVES to chase Autumn around and copy what she does. It is very cute. Autumn actually wore Julia out yesterday, which was a nice change from Autumn wearing me out with all her crazy demands.

Here are some photos I took while we were there~

Julia taking a break!

The girls hanging out.

Keith riding the Green Machine ~ I warned him I was going to post this on my blog and so here it is Keith!!! This machine appears to be very durable.

Yesterday I also worked on my Twilight premade scrapbook page. I am almost done with it but I do not like it. It is so sad when something like that happens. Now I am planning on going back to the store to get a few more materials and I'm starting over! I like the days when I can whip out a project and love how it turns out. This is turning out to be too much. And to top it off now Taryne wants this page for herself, so I am going to be making two of them.

Well I'm off to begin another day. Have a good Monday!!

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  1. Your blog is so fun! It is the kind of blog that mine is NOT. I am a writer, MUCH older than you, who blogs about my family. A lot of what I have to share is in hindsight--you might find my blog kind of like listening to your mother!!

    I am very interested in visiting other blogs, to see what others do. And I have such respect for any Etsy Artisan, no matter what the talent.

    I would love it if you would stop my MY blog. Lord knows, MY DAUGHTERS won't! MOLLY

  2. Molly thanks for the nice comment and I'm now off to visit your blog!



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