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July 16, 2009

Grumpy Girls are Not Fun ~ And I NEED Fun to Survive!

Well I am up bright and early today as Taryne made herself an orthodontist appt. at 8am. Personally this is not too early for me, but for two girls who like to sleep in this will not be fun. I can already envision the grumpiness. I already warned Autumn last night that I would be waking her up in the morning and that she better not be grumpy. She then asked me what grumpy meant, which was cute.

Since we were going to be out early today we had planned on going to the ocean with Shannon and Bryleigh, but the weather doesn't look so good. So not only are we going to have an extra long day, but crummy weather on top of that. Oh well, things could be worse. This means that I WILL be finishing my Twilight layout TODAY! I really will.

Well it's now time for me to awake those girls. Wish me luck!

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