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July 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Beth!!

This day 34 years ago my little sister was born, therefore I am dedicating todays post to her!

Since our mother has a lot of our childhood photos kind of in a big mess as she was going to "organize" them but never finished, I thought I would share some photos that I took with my disc camera during the summer of 1984. (Did anyone else own a disc camera? They didn't last long!)

Anyways here they are!!

Blowing out her candles at her birthday party! Tonight we will be in the same place celebrating!

Hanging around! I think we set this up just for the photo.

And here she is with her kitty Liccorice.

Since Beth reads my blog I thought this would be a nice little birthday surprise! Everyone send their Happy Birthday wishes along to her!

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  1. Awww, thanks Paula! So sweet of you. I love the look on my face in the first one--it looks like I'm trying to come up with a really good wish! I wish I could remember what it was... :)

  2. Your welcome Beth! BTW you make that face all the time!


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