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July 28, 2009


~~~ is the title of my newest premade scrapbook page.

I built this layout around an angel charm that I had for jewelery making. My Etsy friend Karen asked me if my layouts can be framed, and yes they can! If you like the look of scrapbook layouts but don't want an entire album, this would be a unique piece of art for you to hang on your wall! I would love to take custom orders in my Etsy shop for these as well! Just send me a message and I would be more than happy to help!

Yesterday we spent a few hours down at the lake which was nice. Autumn and our neighbor Hannah just became friends this summer. I'm so happy that Autumn has someone her age to play with. Below is a photo of them yesterday chasing each other on the beach. They are so cute!

Well I'm off to enjoy another stifling hot day here in New England!

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  1. Love the scrapbook page!
    We are having the coolest summer on record up here. The warmest day this week is supposed to be 70F. I don't mind the cool temp, but some people are starting to complain.

  2. Such a cute page!! And I've got to say, FANTASTIC music! Especially Mad World. One of my fav songs, and I love Adam Lambert's version - so haunting!

  3. That's a great page!

    The girls were definately having fun too!

  4. Thanks for the nice comments about my page!

    Audrey~ your weather was extended down to NE till last week. So we haven't had too much summer till now.

    And I do LOVE Adam Lambert's voice! I feel like putting a new song first, but not yet!


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