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July 21, 2009

Mission Well Underway

Taryne and I are getting so excited about her room. There is no turning back now. At first I thought the best way to let Keith know what we've been up to while he's been away was for him to just arrive home and discover the change himself. I've since decided that I'll call him to forewarn him, so if he's not happy with this he'll have time to calm down before he arrives home! He HATES change, so we'll see how that goes!

The walls and ceiling are just about ready for painting. I was planning to hold off on replacing the rug, but last night I couldn't help it and I tore the whole thing out. I went at it with a blade, hammer and screwdriver, and found that I am pretty good with tools! We are impatiently awaiting for the arrival of the new bedding since we've decided we definately need it in order to match the wall color to.

Besides that project I've also almost completed another scrapbook layout to list for sale on Etsy. This one is titled "Family Recipe", and is meant to share memories of a family recipe that has been passed down in your family. I should actually make a similar one for myself as I have a cookie recipe which has been handed down a few generations on Keith's side of the family, and was finally passed along to me as well! I will share photos soon.

Well I guess I should begin some laundry before I get caught up in another project, which is very easy to do. I would much rather work on redecorating or scrapbooking than do laundry any day.

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