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July 9, 2009

Thrilling Thursday!

Happy Thursday Everyone!

It is certainly going to be one for me as the sun is FINALLY shining (if you've heard or are dealing with New England weather like I am you know how I feel), and I have a whole bunch of pretty new patterned paper ready to be turned into scrapbook pages, both for myself and for my shops.

Last night I went craft shopping, as I was running low on supplies and needed some new inspiration. The store finally had new patterned paper that I hadn't seen a million and one times and I was so excited. And to make things better there was a sale too. The papers I like best are the colorful ones with the funky prints. Below are some quick photos I snapped this morning to give you an idea of my glory!

I can't wait to work on some new stuff which I will definately be sharing once I have time to actually do so!

Later this afternoon I am delivering the beautiful custom-made bracelet at the hair salon where my customer works. I am also going to be bringing in the other bracelets I have made in hopes that someone will like one enough to purchase one. I am not getting my hopes up on this, but it would definately be nice!

Tomorrow I'll let you know how it all goes!

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