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July 31, 2009

Yesterday at the last moment I decided that Autumn and I should go to see the move "UP" before it is completely out of the theaters. Luckily it was still playing in one theater near us. I figured this was the kind of movie that would be better in the theater. Both Autumn and I loved it!

After the movie Autumn spotted one of those claw machine games and wanted to do it. Of course I said no and that it was a waste of money because nobody ever wins, but she wore me down and I put in my .50. Then of course Autumn easily picked up what she wanted and got it and was like "that wasn't hard!" like I was just trying to ruin her fun.

Then on the way home I stopped into this fabulous scrapbook store which I am always meaning to go into, but haven't yet till now. Upon entering the store there was a sign that said "We love little children, but please hold their hands in the store". So Autumn took this so literally that she refused to let go of my hand when I wanted to look at something. (She gets very concerned over other peoples rules. And when I say other people I mean people other than me.) So I did end up finding some cute Boy Scout stuff for the custom page I am making, but other than that I am going to have to return ALONE!

This afternoon is supposed to rain so that will give me a reason to stay indoors and work on some stuff. I'm accidentally becoming tan and really want to stay indoors anyways.

Happy Friday All!
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