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August 26, 2009

Another Halloween Item!

Hi There!

Yesterday I created this Halloween Banner which I was very excited about. I've always loved the look of handmade banners, and I have all the materials, so I thought why not make one myself? I think that this is going to something I'll be making more of. Not just Halloween themed, but all different themes.

This morning we are planning to go blueberry picking. It's kind of late in the season, but supposedly the picking is still going strong at the place we like to go. Every year I bring my kids along and things start off good, and everyone's having fun, and then I get to a point where I can't stop picking. I just keep picking more and more and my kids start complaining. I let that go on for awhile until I convince myself that we've got enough blueberries to get through till next summer. And of course I always have so many extra blueberries that when the following summer does arrive I have to try to use them up so we can start the cycle again!

Well I'm off to wake the kids so we can get going!

Have a great day!


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