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August 18, 2009

Hot HoT HOT!

All summer long the weather around here has been cooler than normal. It has actually been kind of nice. But now we are in a heat wave, and today is going to be the hottest day we've had since June 2008. (No I don't keep track ~ I just saw this on the news.) Hopefully once school starts back up it won't be this hot. I remember wearing new jeans and long sleeves on my first day back, even if it was going to be sweltering hot. I can still feel how wrong that felt with my pants and sleeves sticking to my arms and legs. Yuck. Is there anyone out there enjoying nice cool weather today?

Last night I managed to complete another card which I've added to my Etsy shop. This one is very colorful. I think the paper "flower" and the fringe add a unique touch. What do you think?

As I was heading outdoors to take photos of this card I saw this cute wild bunny in out yard. I got kind of close and took this photo. I think it's strategy was to stay as still as possible so that I wouldn't see it. It was frozen in place until the cat thought she could actually catch it and tried to sneak up on it. Then in a flash it was gone. (Yeah I know that photo is a bit blurry ~ whenever I'm in a hurry to take a photo before the moment passes this is what happens.)

Well I'm off to begin my day.

Have a good one!
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