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August 10, 2009

Monday Already?

Well the concert on Friday night was completely different than I expected. We went mostly to see RATT, although Extreme was playing as well. I was never much into Extreme which was why I didn't even mention that they were playing. Well, I now have to say that Extreme ROCKED, and RATT did NOT. Extreme was SO good, whereas RATT's songs were almost unrecognizable. RATT sounded like a jumble of music with singing which didn't quite coordinate. The song you are listening to now was one of Extreme's most popular songs which is even better live. And Nuno Bettencourt shown in the photo below is better live as well!

Well on to business now! Yesterday I completed a custom premade scrapbook page with a Boy Scout theme. It turned out completely different than I envisioned it when I started out, which actually happens a lot with my layouts. Here's a peek at it before I ship it out! (The photo is just a sample which is actually my husband when he was small ~ cute huh?)

Well I'm off to begin my most dreaded errand of the week ~ grocery shopping. From making the list, to putting away the food, to listening to everyone complain about what I did or did not buy ~ I dislike it all! Ok I got that out!

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  1. Hey Paula,

    This scrapbook page looks familiar! I don't know what you were thinking when you started it but it came out great! I love it and I'm sure the boy I'm going to give it to will love it too!

    Thank You!

  2. I'm so happy you like it!!


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