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August 4, 2009

No Lazy Girls Allowed! (For 2day at Least!)

Yesterday I was so into helping Taryne organize her bedroom stuff that I ended up starting to organize years worth of toy buildup in other areas in our house, and now have this GIANT mess going on. You know how when you organize you have to take everything out and apart and then you become overwhelmed with the project that you thought would be so easy but has turned into something MUCH bigger? That's where I'm at. On top of that I've got these two girls who love to lounge around and complain that they can't hear the TV because I'm being too loud. Today my plan is to send them outside for a few hours while I try to finish some of this up. They will complain about this, but since they'll be outside I won't be able to hear it!

Well here I go :0!!!! Although I suppose I should get them out of bed first.

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  1. Hilarious - I constantly have the same problem! Start cleaning, make a bigger mess, clean some more....ends up taking 3 days to clean up the original mess! Kids they are so helpful sometimes!

  2. I just cannot clean if the kids are anywhere near me - they find everything I'm trying to bag to throw out or give to the charity shops and decided they just cant live with out it!

  3. I guess cleaning + kids just don't mix except for those who are lucky enough to have kids who love to clean. I used to!


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