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September 16, 2009

Evening Blogging

This is so strange, to be blogging in the evening. I usually blog most every morning, but I haven't been up to it lately. I guess everything goes in phases, blogging included, right?

My latest project was to try to list a few things on eBay to sell. I'm not too good with eBay, but I try. The last time I attempted to bid on something it didn't work like I thought. I bid on a letter set for my Cuttlebug machine, and I ended up winning because I somehow WAY overbid everyone else. I don't even know why eBay would let someone do that! Luckily the woman I purchased from was so understanding she gave me a free gift. After that incident I didn't go on eBay for a long time.

Anyways, I still haven't made it to the craft store to purchase materials to make my super cool Christmas ornaments, but I need to soon! I can't wait to share these and see what people think.

Have a good night :)
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  1. Yeah, I need to get some posting done on eBay too... one of these days... honestly... :)

  2. Unfortunately it takes a big chunk of time, but I'm still looking around my house here to see what else can go up for sale!


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