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September 9, 2009

Look Out!

Yesterday when Autumn came home from school I asked her where she had put the camera and she said "on the grass by the road". I ran outside and found it right away, and discovered that she had thrown it on the ground and it was coming apart a bit, and the button that you press to take a pic was gone. After 20 mins of searching I actually found the little itty bitty button and reattached it, and miraculously everything was ok. Needless to say there were no pics of animals taken by Autumn which was her reason for needing the camera in the first place, so who knows what she was really doing. She's a sneaky little thing.

Anyways the videos I took of the girls shooting arrows where still on the camera so I can share them today! They're each only about 3 seconds long. Taryne looks like she knows exactly what she is doing, and when I watch Autumn's clip I have to laugh at the way she sets herself up to shoot.



Who knew I'd have girls who could do such things ~ I admit I tried to shoot and the results were not good.

Well my plans for this morning are to work on some more personal scrapbooking. I am getting closer and closer to being all caught up so I have to keep at it!

Hope everyone has a great 9/9/09!
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