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September 2, 2009


~ I cannot believe that I haven't updated my blog in FIVE days! This is a record for me ~ except when I went on vacation in June. We've had a very busy last few days around here, but now the kids are settling back into school and we're all getting used to the routine of things.

These are the photos I took of the kids on their first day of school on Monday. Zachary is now a senior, Taryne is a freshman, and Autumn is in Kindergarten.

Taryne was running late as usual, so I had to do a sneak-attack with the camera while she was still getting ready.

Zachary who was in his usual attire of jeans, work boots, and old t-shirt.

Autumn with her new outfit and sneakers (yes she loves black), and her new backpack which I'm glad isn't black!

Oh no here's the bus! (That was my thought not Autumn's!)

There she goes ~ first bus ride EVER!

And so it begins .....

Over the last few days I finished making two more decorational banners which I think turned out cute! I've made both a baby girl and baby boy banner. I may make a gender neutral one next. Here are some photos of them~

Well I'm off to see what else I can get done in my extremely short amount of free time!
Have a great day!
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  1. You have a lovely family and they seem really excited about school.:)

  2. Miraculously my kids do so much better than I did in school!

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