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November 2, 2009

And My Favs Are ....

Snickers, Peanut Butter Cups, and ~~~~~ all of it actually! Autumn is so kind to give away all the candy she doesn't like. Most of it has gone to Zachary, but some has come my way. As for the candy she does like ~ she will not part with!

Trick-or-treating was wonderful this year as it was almost 70 degrees! At this time of year you never know what type of weather we'll get. Could be warm, could be cold, could be raining, could be snowing. So this was a year to remember.

Autumn's costume was a sorceress, which was a much better choice than last years Spiderman. At least you could tell she was a girl. At 14 Taryne once again insisted that she was going trick-or-treating, even though she had been home from school sick for four days. She dressed as herself being a vampire. This is the first year I don't have any photos of her dressed up as she got ready over a friends house. But Autumn had fun posing for pics. She likes to go wild and crazy and ham it up!

Autumn and Julia posing before trick-or-treat time!

First stop of the night

Ding Dong ~ "Trick-or-Treat!"


Now that Halloween is over it's time to begin Autumns birthday plans. On Friday my baby will turn 6 years old. After school that day I'm taking her to have her photo taken, and then in the evening it will be party time!!

Hope you have a good Monday!!
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