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December 8, 2009

Meet Snowflake

For the last week Autumn has been super excited about her classroom elf at school. Every day she came home from school telling me that she wanted an elf at home too, and she just HAD to find one. I didn't know what to tell her about that.

Eventually we were looking through a catalog together and she spotted exactly what she had been talking about ~ "The Elf On The Shelf". If you've never heard of this it is so adorable! It is a set which comes with the elf and a book. The book explains how the elf keeps an eye on a child, and then at night when the child is in bed it goes to the North Pole to give a report to Santa. Then when the elf returns for the morning he will be in a different spot, and the child must locate where he is. And you also pick a name for your elf and register it online at the North Pole FUN!

So on Sunday when Autumn was sleeping I set our elf near the Christmas tree. When Autumn got up she played in the living room near the tree and didn't spot it right away. When she finally did see it she SCREAMED and ran to me yelling "I saw an elf!!!!!!" She was truly scared until I explained to her that I got it for her, and it was now her own elf. After she calmed down she grabbed it and hugged it and then named it Snowflake.

If you are looking for a cute tradition to start with your kids or grandkids, and you don't find elves creepy, I recommend this!

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  1. What a really sweet idea! Unfortunately my 11 year old is just a bit too big - I wish I'd known about it when she was small enough to believe in it

  2. Oh :( My 2 older kids missed out on this as well.

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