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January 16, 2010

{ pink }

What is pink? My favorite color. And I think that if something comes in pink I will someday own it, no matter what it is {a dream of course}! Here are some really neat photos of pink things.

Photo by Death by Cotton Candy: 2006: Daniela Edburg
Pink cotton candy AND pink clouds! Beautiful ~ it looks like you can eat those clouds!

Photo source Marthastewart.com
Pink Christmas tree ~ someday!

Photo source crickleberrycottage.blogspot.com

Pink door decorated oh so nicely with pink presents!

Photo source serenatachocolate.com

Pink roses ~ Mmmmm!

Photo source memois.com

Pink kitchen ~ cute but I guess I'll admit this is a bit overboard!

Photo source lovelythings.typepad.uk
Pink oven ~ now I could really cook with that! Cooking would be so much more fun too!

Photo source unknown

Pink Smartcar ~ and yes I would drive it, although it would be better if it were a convertible.

Photo source bshigley.com

Pink Telephone ~ Even though it would take forever to dial this ancient thing, I could handle using this!

Now I'm going to bed to dream in pink!
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  1. oh men.. pink christmas tree is soooo nice

  2. LOVE that Christmas Tree. I want it!!

  3. where is the credits for these pics????

  4. Hi Francoise, This was back when I didn't realize the importance of giving credit. I've just added sources now. These days I'm definitely very careful about giving credit where credit is due :)


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