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March 18, 2010

I ♥ This Spring {This Year} !

Normally spring for us is all mud and yuck. But this year things seem to be turning out a bit different. After going through a windstorm where we lost electricity for DAYS, and then going through DAYS of rain and flooding issues, things have finally dried up, and the weather is so much nicer than it normally is at this time of year. It's still been in the 30's in the am, but then in the afternoon temps have been going into the 60's with plenty of SUNSHINE! No, it won't last because the forecast shows more typical spring weather coming back in a few days. So, we are going to act like it's going to last until we can't deny it anymore.

One exciting thing I keep forgetting to tell everyone is that Autumn lost her first tooth last week. We went outside to take some pics of it for all to see. Of course I'm in the photo as well.

I've also been making Easter cards which have been selling like crazy on eBay. I've also been trying to catch up on my own scrapbooking. Here is a photo of my latest Easter card which is up for sale on Etsy! {Yes it's different and colorful!}


I keep getting too distracted these days to keep up with my blog, as some of you have noticed I'm sure. Hopefully soon things won't be so hectic and I can continue as I was before :)

Good Night All!
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  1. Here's hoping your optimism lands home!

  2. Thank you I think I need extra hope :)

  3. Brautiee4/19/2010

    Hi there ! im definatly going to check out your etsy shop ! brautie


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