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May 24, 2010

sunny summer pics :)

Happy Monday! I thought I'd do a quick post here in between chauffering trips, which is tiring to say the least.

I know my title has the word summer in it, although it's not summer quite yet. The way the weather has been thought it sure feels like it! the weather has been terrific ~ warm & sunny. So nice.

On Saturday we discovered Autumn can ride a bike with no training wheels. Her bike has had training wheels on it all along, but she hopped on our neighbors bike and off she went. It was like magic!!

Here is a pic of her riding along, feeling very proud of herself~

I figured it was also time to take some different pics of myself (if you know me you know all about all my self-portraits!). Here are a couple of ones that I actually don't hate! :)

And here's another quick shot I took of Autumn since she was looking absolutely adorable!

This is the face that gets to me!!!

Well off I go to hop back into my lovely minivan!!

♥ Paula
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