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June 24, 2010


has been such a busy month. I've taken so many pictures that there is no way I could share every little thing, so I've decided to post a few from some of the best days we've had during the month of June.

These first pics are from a little trip we took to Great Island Common in New Castle, NH. There are tons of rocks and seaweed (yuck), which is great for Autumn to dig around in search of crabs, snails and other slimy ocean things.

These next photos are from my neice Maddy's 1st Birthday party. It was really sunny and hot out, and the girls had a blast "swimming" in the little pool.

Maddy and Cathy

Autumn who's always smiling :)

Maddy opening presents

Autumn and Julia waiting for cake

Maddy about to blow out her candle

Right now Maddy appears to be wondering what this mess is that tastes so yummy.

Next are some pics of Autumn engrossed in one of her most favorite past-times ~ searching for frogs.

Oh boy she found one!

This pic is totally disgusting, but Autum set this up and took it herself. As you can see it's a froggy portrait.

And last but not least is Taryne's piano recital in which she played Sonata K545 by Mozart. It was beautiful and she did a great job. Unfortunately the lighting in the hall is terrible for pics, so this is all I got.

Well, one more week and then it will already be July. I have a feeling this summer is going to fly by and before we know it Zachary will be off to college, Taryne back in high school, and Autumn beginning first grade. As I said in a recent Facebook post ~ the clock is stealing all of my time.

♥ Paula
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