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August 26, 2010

Curl Found

Every once in awhile I have to go through Autumn's bedroom and reorganize her stuff. She collects all kinds of strange objects, many from outdoors, and puts these items in every inch of available space she can possibly find. I usually end up with an entire pile of things to return back outdoors, such as rocks, sticks, feathers etc., and another pile of "trash". (Well I consider many things trash that Autumn considers treasure but that's another story).

Anyways, yesterday I was doing my organization thing, and I'm down on the floor pulling stuff out from underneath here bureau, when I came across this ~ an entire curl cut from her own head.

My first instinct was to yell "OMG what did you do???!!!" but then I told myself that because Autumn has so much hair, and it didn't look like any hair was missing, that I would just stay calm and keep the curl for her scrapbook. (Besides, that's what happens when your mother lets you keep your scizzors in your room, and that same mother also decides this girl needs a mirror on her wall).

As for my Etsy shop, I am still receiving orders for my Little Birdies!! I'm so excited that these have become popular. This pic is of the latest custom order I just mailed out.

These birds are to be hung on a wish tree for a little girl's first birthday. Her Mom found a special box, and her idea was to have all the birthday guests write their wish for this little girl on the backside of the bird, and then put them into the box for a keepsake. I thought this was the sweetest idea ever and was so happy to customize this order for her!! :)

Well this has been the longest blog post I've done in awhile. Within the next few days I have another Etsy seller whose shop I will be featuring!!! Who will it be???? Stay tuned to find out!

♥ Paula
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