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November 3, 2010

sleepy face

Every morning I walk into Autumn's room and wake her with a kiss upon her sweet little face. This morning I decided I needed to record that memory, although when the flash went off she didn't need a kiss to wake up :)

And no, this sweet moment didn't last long. As soon as the flash went off in Autumn's face she became really grumpy. Then she got out of bed, located the camera, found the picture, and yelled "delete this!!!!" So I decided to go one step further and not only keep the picture, but decided to post it on my blog :)

So the moral of this little story is not to wake someone by putting a camera in their face and taking a closeup picture of them using the flash.


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  1. the moral of the story is funny

  2. Thank you! I like to make others smile :)


💕 Thank you for your comment! 💕