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July 3, 2011

reminders of summers past...

each of the following pictures bring back childhood summer memories. Some are classic, while others may seem strange. But regardless, everytime I think of the summer months while I was growing up, at least one of these images finds it's way to the surface.

TAB soda which was always around the house

Vintage Nair commercials "We wear short, shorts!"

Banana seat bicycles

"Card Sharks" game show

Yummy! Grape and orange were the best :)

Chocolate coconut donuts

Polyester summer nightgowns

Flowery vintage dresses, clothing drying on a clothesline

Flowery vintage sheets

Cardboard playhouses

In my 6 year old mind this was my favorite car

And last but not least a station wagon similar to this one.
It was a lovely blue color with vinyl seats
which your legs stuck to in the summer.
At least us girls had the window seats, unlike my brother
who was banished to the middle ~ hahah!!

What reminds you of childhood summers?

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  1. It has to be the flowery vintage dresses, had a few those days. Hi, just blog hopping. Happy blogging to you

  2. Hi back Aries!! Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I have a very vivid memory of my grandfather’s Chevy Tahoe. He used to take the family to picnics and bazaars, where he would ask us to choose one item that we liked and he’d pay for it. But mostly, what I remember about my childhood is how we all bonded during the summers. We even bonded while cleaning grandpa’s humungous car.

    Tyra Shortino


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